Lucy Reyes | Productivity Strategist (she/her)

Get Time Back: Organize Your Biz Like a Blogging Pro

Hey hey! I’m Lucy Reyes, your host of the Cheers to Planning Summit, the founder of Cheers to Blogging, host of the Cheerful Productive Chats Podcast and creator of Level Up Your Biz with Trello. 🎉

One question I get asked all the time is “how to you do it all?” and also get told that “there’s no way I’m human” for getting so much done. 😆

However, when I started as a blogger, I had NO IDEA what I was getting myself into. I was so NOT prepared to #doallthethings. 

My dream for the Cheers to Planning Summit is to help you learn how to get more things done in less time, and design a stress-free plan so that you can sell your printables with less overwhelm and more profit. You have a unique position as a blogger selling printables and I want to help you leverage that without making it feel like you’ve just added more to your plate.

Fun fact about Lucy:

“I’m a first-generation Mexican-American. I’m a construction wifey and mama of two, a 9-year soccer player son and a 1-year old toddler girl. My hobbies include Netflix or Hulu binging and we’re a pretty competitive family who enjoy game nights and Mario Party battles. 😄

I can’t wait to connect with your throughout the summit, but until then… scroll on down to meet your AMAZING speakers! 🙌


Faith Lee | Online Business Coach (she/her)

Faith Lee

Tips to Speed Up Printables Creation

Faith is a mom of three and has been blogging since early 2018. In less than two years, she has created close to 100 PLR products as well as over 30 design and online marketing courses on Her mission is to help aspiring entrepreneurs build their online business in fuss-free and simple ways. Dozens of clients have built a profitable business under Faith’s guidance through her 1:1 Boost Your Sales Mastermind coaching program as well as Design Your Biz Mastermind group coaching program.

Fun fact about Faith:

“I’m a mom of three who once dreamt of being a mandopop singer. Now I’m living the dream of having the freedom to work anywhere, anytime, and be able to connect with people all over the whole right from our little flat on the tiny island country, Singapore.”

Ana Skyes | Blogging Coach & Strategist (she/her)

Plan & Batch Blog Content Like A Boss

Ana is a blogging coach and online growth strategist, helping content creators and small business owners thrive online. She’s been blogging for nearly 7 years and has helped thousands of bloggers get started and get further.

Fun fact about Ana:

“English is my second language, and I took up blogging as a way to improve my written skills when I moved abroad.”

Caroline Vencil | Blogger (she/her)

5 Graphics that Make Your Products Pop and Make More Money

Caroline is a full-time blogger, mom of 4, wife, and multitasking pro. She built a six-figure blog in less than 3 years while being a full-time mom and wife, and most recently retired her husband before she turned 30 from her work on her business. Her passion is to teach other women how to make money from their passion through blogging and focusing on the right tasks. Everything she does brings the fun and ease back to making money from her clients’ blogs & businesses.

Fun fact about Caroline:

“I’ve got 4 kids, and love Crossfit, coffee, and Kelly Clarkson. 😉 “

Rebekah Lara | Productivity Coach (she/her)

Strategies to Reduce Distractions

Rebekah Lara is the creator of Time to Thrive and helps busy mom entrepreneurs build their businesses while working less, so they can be a caregiver without giving up their own dreams. With two businesses and 3 young daughters with multiple needs at home, Rebekah has streamlined her own business systems, manages it all WITHOUT the overwhelm, and is passionate about helping other mom entrepreneurs calm the chaos too.

Fun fact about Rebekah:

“I used to be an architect in my first career and then became a middle school math teacher before becoming a mom and entrepreneur.”

Sarah Steckler | Productivity Strategist (she/her)

How to Take Back Your Time for Better Productivity & Energy Management

Sarah Steckler teaches online entrepreneurs how to organize their mind, create sustainable & mindful productivity, and turn their ideas into published planners & journals they can sell around the world! She’s also the host of the Mindful Productivity Podcast and author of the Daily Productivity & Brain Dump Book.

Fun fact about Sarah:

“I grew up on an island just outside of Seattle. Both of my parents were entrepreneurs. In the past 17 years I’ve moved 19 times.”

Faith Mariah | Business Mindset Magician and Professional Rule Breaker (she/her)

Make Bank Mindset

Faith Mariah is an online marketer and certified life coach who helps online entrepreneurs end their drama and start acting like bosses so they can make more money with less effort.

Fun fact about Faith:

“I used to lead 28 day wilderness camping trips for at risk kiddos.”

Bree Pair | Blogger & Influencer Coach (she/her)

Content Planning Tips to Save You Time

Bree is a blogger & influencer coach and founder of Thrive—A blogging community built to empower and educate bloggers to make a full-time income by spending time on the right things.

Fun fact about Bree:

“My husband and I took a year to travel around the country in an RV! Best experience ever that made me even more passionate about continuing to grow my business so I have the freedom to travel and live life to the fullest.”

Monique Math | Blog Coach (she/her)

How To Use Content Stacks to Increase Blog Traffic (& Printable Sales)

Blogger turned online business coach with 10+ years of experience running several blogs. Latest feat: digital nomad!

Fun fact about Monique:

“I’m a Jamaican who just took on traveling the world with my teen and parents! All thanks to blogging.”

Dara Sklar | Productivity Geek (she/her)

The Business Changing Magic of Being (Digitally) Organized Using Google Tools

Dara helps small businesses get and stay organized so they can run more efficiently, ​using the Google suite of Tools they already know, love and are (probably already) paying for!

Fun fact about Dara:

“If Monica Geller were… Canadian, and Tech Savvy, I might still like to vacuum more than she does. But, I’d Be There For Youuuuu… and all your Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Chrome and LastPass questions 😍”

Lucrezia Iapichino | Lawyer & Blogging Expert (she/her)

Legal Essentials For Launching a Printables Shop

Dr Lucrezia Iapichino is the founder of Blogging for New Bloggers®, Tinylovebug®, Legals for Business Owners, and host of the popular Blogging for New Bloggers® community (36K+ members). Lucrezia has worked as an international lawyer and university lecturer in different countries for over 15 years and has helped 30K+ bloggers, course creators, coaches, podcasters and other online entrepreneurs start and grow their business and protect it legally with her courses and legal templates.

Fun fact about Lucrezia:

“Italian currently based in Melbourne. Lived in different countries. Mum of a 3yo daughther (after trying for almost 5 years).”

Aisha Preece | Founder of Out and Beyond (she/her)

Driving Organic Blog Traffic Using SEO To Promote Your Printables

Aisha Preece is the founder and owner of side hustle website, as well as 5 other niche monetised websites.

Aisha has a great passion for SEO and teaching others how to drive thousands of visitors to their websites and digital products using free Google traffic.

She has a tiny but mighty instagram community on @aishapreece, where she shares all her best SEO tips and antics of her grumpy cat, Supervisor Sandy.

Fun fact about Aisha:

I am half British, half Malaysian and love motorbiking. I run my online business while motorbiking through the world – proud to be a female entrepreneur/biker!

Becky Beach | Digital Product and Passive Income Coach (she/her)

How To Leverage Your Printables Blog to Make More Money

Becky Beach is passionate about helping others start their own 6-figure digital product businesses to earn passive income. Becky quit her full-time job back in September of 2021 to work on her digital product business. She grew it to 6-figures within a year! Becky lives in the Dallas, Texas area with her son, husband, and 3 fur babies.

Fun fact about Becky:

“I have a wonderful 6-year-old son with special needs. I’m so proud of him!”

Tracie Fobes | Blog Coach (she/her)

The Power of Printables for List Building

Tracie started blogging in 2009, helping families learn how to get out of debt, budget and live frugally. In 2019, she sold her first site for a whopping six figures!!! She now teaches bloggers how to blog for profit through her easy-to-follow products, courses and one-on-one coaching services.

Fun fact about Tracie:

“In 2015, I nearly lost my blog as my income dropped by 75% in less than a few weeks. I learned what I did wrong and rebuilt the business to be even stronger (leading to selling it for six figures).”

Amira Irfan | Business Lawyer and Blogger (she/her)

How To Legally Protect Your Digital Products

Internationally renowned Amira Irfan is the business lawyer, blogger, and coach behind A Self Guru, an online company that has been featured around the world for helping entrepreneurs in legally protecting their businesses through its affordable legal templates and services. Amira has had the honor of helping over 50,000 entrepreneurs comply with the laws and safeguard their businesses. Her work has been featured in 200 media outlets such as Ticker News, Yahoo Finance, International Business Times, Business Digest Magazine, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, US Times Now, and more!

Fun fact about Amira:

“Became a lawyer because my dad’s business was sued for $90,000 (all because of a simple mistake of not using a legal contract with the freelancer he had hired). I wish my dad had the legal knowledge to avoid such a massive lawsuit. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping other entrepreneurs from suffering the same fate.”

Heather Ritchie | Certified Content Marketing Strategist (she/her)

How to Write Blog Posts that Sell Your Printables Like Hot Cakes

Heather Ritchie is a Certified Content Marketing Strategist, coach, and the blogger behind Writer’s Life for You. It’s her mission to help women leave their 9-5s for good so they can work from home as bloggers or writers. Heather has been writing SEO-optimized for businesses for over five years and has written and created several eBooks and courses.

Heather is ready to help you start a money-making blog or writing business that lets you earn money doing something you love. She is an eternal optimist and avid learner who loves reading, writing, and meeting new people.

Fun fact about Heather:

“I was a police officer for over 20 years before starting her freelance writing business.”

Cate Rosales | Digital Marketing Strategist (she/her)

Stop Chasing Blog Traffic and DO THIS INSTEAD

Cate is a 10-year veteran in the content marketing space with a focus on helping you simplify concepts and strategies that will skyrocket your business! She has 7 profitable blogs and over 7,000 coaching students that she works with every month to start, grow, market, and monetize their own successful blogs. Cate’s goal is always to help you simplify the business of blogging!

Fun fact about Cate:

“I dropped out of school in 7th grade, I grew up very poor, and my mother is still a homeless addict to this day, I never thought I’d make enough money to buy my own food let alone buy a home and raise a healthy happy family. Hard work and grit pays off!”

Ruth Adeyemi | Blogging/SEO Coach (she/her)

How To Use Image SEO to Rank Your Printable Images

Ruth Adeyemi is a multidimensional woman achieving incredible feats in her career and business.

As the founder of SARMLife, an organization focused on helping brands grow their blog traffic and income with business blogging and digital marketing strategies, she has done a tremendous job raising 5-figure business owners and other bright minds in the digital space.

She works with businesses and influencers to grow their brands using her SEO & blog marketing strategies.

Fun fact about Ruth:

“I am the only girl of four children.”

Nadalie Bardo | Your Pinterest Coach (she/her)

The Crazy Simple Way to Promote Your Printables on Pinterest in 2023

Nadalie Bardo is a Pinterest coach dedicated to helping blogs, brands, and businesses like yours achieve their goals of more traffic, more subscribers, and more sales. For the last 6 years, she’s organically built her personal development blog, It’s All You Boo’s authority, and reach for free with just Pinterest and SEO. Achieving 1M views on Pinterest since her very first month, she’s grown her email list to 14K subscribers and has sold 1000s of copies of her digital products and courses.

Fun fact about Nadalie:

“I’m a plant mama who is obsessed with buying and propagating plants. I currently have around 40 house plants and I can’t even blame the pandemic for my obsession.”

Yadsia Iglesias | Designer (she/her)

How To Turn Your Printable Into a Digital for More Revenue

Planner designer and paid traffic expert. Yadsia helps business women create and sell digital downloads, open their own online shops & drive traffic to their products. If you want to make it super easy to create a planner/journal using Canva templates, she’s your gal!

Fun fact about Yadsia:

“Former elementary teacher, boy mom and coffee drinker”

Liz Wilcox | Fresh Princess of Email Marketing (she/her)

How To Convert Leads Into Printable Buyers in 3 Simple Steps

The Fresh Princess of Email Marketing, Liz Wilcox is an Email Strategist and Keynote Speaker showing small businesses how to build online relationships, package up their “magic” and turn it into emails that people want to read and, most importantly, purchase from.

Fun fact about Liz:

“I live in Florida, love to run, and am a walking 90s pop culture encyclopedia.”

Jenny Melrose | Strategist & Podcaster (she/her)

How To Successfully Launch Your Digital Products

Jenny is a former reading specialist who “retired” from her teaching career when her blogging income far exceeded her salary. Through hard work and dedication, her lifestyle blog, The Melrose Family, became regularly sought out by nationally recognized brands such as Neutrogena, Smuckers, Glad, Costco, Stanley Steamer, Sara Lee, and many more. She is a content strategist that helps entrepreneurs better understand their messaging and unique position in the online space.  

Now, she’s combining her passion for teaching with her extensive experience of creating strategic content for online business owners via and her podcast, Influencer Entrepreneurs with Jenny Melrose as well as her first book Influencer Entrepreneurs.

Fun fact about Jenny:

“I’m a former inner school district teacher that retired at the age of 35. I’m also a mother to two daughters, age 9 and 12.”

Cait Blakley | Digital Products Coach (she/her)

Scaling Your Blog with Printables Bundles

Cait is a business coach and host of Digital Product Profits, a group coaching experience for bloggers who want to create a better stream of revenue by creating their own products.

Fun fact about Cait:

“I’m an unschooling mom of 3 from Texas.”

Amy Harrop | Low Content Expert (she/her)

Should You Be Charging More for Your Printable Products!?

Amy’s passion is helping people like you create profitable streams of content. She started as an English teacher, helping young people learn how to express themselves well. She believes strongly in the power of communication – and that’s what led me to the world of online content creation.

It all starts with this: you have something to say and I want to help you say it and earn a profit at the same time. Amy has been in the world of online publishing since the beginning of the digital book era. She’s made it her mission to stay up-to-date on the technology and trends that drive online marketing, and can help you unlock your profit potential and reach the audience that needs to hear what you – and only you – can tell them.

Fun fact about Amy:

“I live in beautiful northern Idaho with my husband and our pet family. I have a B.A. in Film Production from San Francisco State University and years of training, content creation, and publishing experience.”

Cody Berman | Co-Founder of Gold City Ventures (he/him)

Secret Seasonal Strategy to Boost Etsy Sales

Cody Berman is the co-founder of Gold City Ventures and a passive income expert. He started selling digital products in 2018 and became hooked after earning $700+ in one week. Cody also hosts The Financial Independence (“FI”) Show podcast. In his spare time, you might find him traveling, working out, or building another business.

Fun fact about Cody:

“I first became addicted to selling on Etsy when I made over $700 in one week while on a snowboarding trip!”

Allie Trumpower | Book Obsessed Designer (she/her)

Turning Your Printables into Books You Can Sell for Passive Income

Allie is a formally educated graphic designer with 12+ years in the design industry with passions for book design, scrapbooking, bible journaling and the planner industry. Allie loves to learn new programs and ways of doing things and is always seeking out new experiences.. She’s an Adobe girl at heart (InDesign, for ever and ever) but has recently been a Canva convert. Allie lives in the middle of Ohio with her husband and two little boys. Other than creating in literally any form, she also loves The West Wing, Ted Lasso, cozy sweatshirts, and M&Ms.

Fun fact about Allie:

“I swore I would never live in my hometown again… but here I am, raising two kids with my high school sweetheart in the middle of Ohio!” 

Jasmine Hunt | Stock Photographer (she/her)

How to Create Styled Stock Mock-Ups for Your Printables

She Bold Stock is a content marketing membership helping online female business owners create content effortless through stock photos, videos, and templates.

Anjali Kay | Blog Coach (she/her)

Content Creation Tips for Social Media to Promote Printables

Kia ora! This is Anjali, and she runs the website This Splendid Shambles. She’s a New Zealander who is passionate about blogging, storytelling and helping women create incredible blogs that captivate their readers, unleash their own creativity, and make Google smile (and have the confidence to do so!).

Anjali has been blogging since 2009, and since then has had the privilege of working with women from all around the world through blogging projects, classes, workshops, and coaching.

Fun fact about Anjali:

“I’m a New Zealander, but I’ve also lived in England and Mongolia! I’m a big book lover, avid traveller, and board game fanatic.” 

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